Sean F. Houlihan, CFP® - Reverse Mortgage Specialist

Sean has served in numerous roles in the financial services industry and has spent his entire career as a consummate professional in the financial services space.  Born in Northern Virginia and attended college at Virginia Tech and George Mason Universities where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Finance with honors.  He then went on to complete his coursework for the Certified Financial Planner™ designation at Georgetown University.

Sean began his journey as a financial advisor after graduating college and worked for a Registered Investment Advisory firm in Reston, VA. He dedicated over a decade of his career to comprehensive financial planning and asset management before broadening his skill set to include the mortgage industry.

As a financial planner, Sean helped educate clients on topics such as general retirement income planning, demystifying social security, changes in the tax code, health care costs in retirement and the common risks retirees face in retirement.

Serving as a reverse mortgage planning specialist Sean has married his love and expertise for bringing education to retirees in the often ignored home equity conversion space.  Passionate about helping clients achieve their lifelong goals, broadening understanding of an underserved financial toolset and educating the general public on the missing link in their financial picture Sean has embraced his background and works diligently with clients and their trusted advisors to help clients achieve their retirement dreams.

Sean holds his NMLS license and is a Certified Financial Planner™. Sean also engages in continuing education of financial professionals and trusted advisors as an ongoing part of his practice and is a member of the Financial Planning Association-National Capital Area.

In addition to his career Sean has 3 children.  Alexis, (23) graduated from Virginia Tech in 2017 and works for a Wealth Management firm in Richmond, VA.  Sean, (19) graduated from high school in June and is starting the next chapter in his life and Sophie (16) who is a rising junior in high school in Leesburg, VA.